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Good marketing is regular, consistent and focused... it addresses the needs of target customers... and it is fresh and engaging.

Based in the UK, Buttonwood Marketing is a specialist B2B PR and environmental communications agency with clients in the UK, USA and mainland Europe. All of our clients operate within the environmental sector, which means that we have an unrivalled understanding of their markets with longstanding associations in the environmental, sustainability, air quality, water, waste and 'green' media.

The award winning marketing that we undertake matches client capabilities with customer needs, to build their brand and generate new business.

We measure our success by the success of our clients; it is no coincidence that their businesses are flourishing. For us, satisfactory is not good enough, we can only succeed if clients are delighted - please review some of our testimonials. We specialise in technical, scientific and environmental publicity - click here for examples of green PR, case studies & articles. Contact us now to find out what we could do for your business.

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Listed below are examples of the news stories that we create on behalf of our clients:

Mercury 2013 conference and exhibiton
Mercury 2013

International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant.
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Autoanalyzer helps protect production equipment at BASF
Autoanalyzer at BASF

Autoanalyzer helps protect production equipment at BASF.
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Field analysis equipment portable GC-MS
New Portable GC-MS
Don't collect samples -

collect data...

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Portable FTIR multigas analyzer
Measure nothing...
or almost anything

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